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Syn-Flex® Pharmaceutical Quality Liquid Glucosamine
Syn-flex® includes liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin, Omega 3 and 6, Boswellin, Yucca, Vitamins A, E, and C, Manganese, and Bromelain. It is the most effective Joint Care available today. Syn-flex® has helped thousands with their joint pain and maximized cartilage protection and growth.

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Our new Syn-flex® 1500 provides increased strength-- 1500 mg. of Glucosamine, an all-new Mandarin Orange Flavor, and White Willow Bark. Whether you choose the Original Formula, or the 1500 Formula, you are guaranteed to experience healthier joints, less pain caused by arthritis, and enjoy greater flexibility and mobility.

  • Original & 1500 Formulas
  • Pet Formula
  • Power+Plus™
  • Freshness Counts!

Syn-Flex and Syn-Flex 1500 Glucosamine** is clincially proven (numerous double-blind, placebo-controlled studies) to be very beneficial in easing the pain of arthritis. In these studies, glucosamine has been shown to assist in the rehabilitation of cartilage and reduce the progression of osteoarthritis, and significantly lessen pain from arthritis. However, one glucosamine product can be very different from another. Syn-flex® is a breakthrough product-- while most glucosamine products available today are in capsule or pill form, the liquid glucosamine found in Syn-flex® provides maximum absorption and is beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis and eases articular joint pain.
How Does It Work?
The high-quality Liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL combine with ten other ingredients in a formula designed to...
  • Ease articular joint pain
  • Assist in rebuilding and rehabilitating damaged cartilage
  • Improve mobility
Quick Acting...
It usually takes between six to ten weeks before you begin to notice any results when you take capsule glucosamine products. However, with Syn-flex, most of our customers report noticing significant pain relief within ten to fourteen days.
Syn-Flex® & Syn-Flex® 1500 are doctor-recommended for humans and Syn-Flex® for Pets is veterinarian-recommended for pets!
What Are the Benefits?
See all special promotional pricing... Syn-Flex® provides you these benefits...
  • Effectively assists in "Maximum Joint Care"
  • Rehabilitates damaged cartilage
  • Improves mobility and reduces inflammation
  • High quality liquid glucosamine for maximum absorption and rapid pain relief
  • No hard to swallow capsules
Syn-Flex® 1500 adds these benefits...
  • More Potent: 1500 mg. Glucosamine vs. 1250 mg. in the original
  • Increased Pain Relief: White willow bark is known to help stop pain
  • Better Taste: New Mandarin Orange Flavor improves your daily dosage experience
  • Each 1/4 Oz. dose includes:
    Original Ingredient 1500
    1250 mg. Glucosamine HCL and Glucosamine Sulfate 1500 mg.
    25 mg. Shark Cartilage (20% Chondroitin Sulfate) 25 mg.
    n/a White Willow Bark 10 mg.
    n/a Mandarin Orange Flavor Yes
    8 mg. Boswellin 8 mg.
    3 mg. Yucca Powder 3 mg.
    5 mg. Manganese (Ascorbate) 5 mg.
    1 mg. Bromelain 1 mg.
    5 mg. Vitamin C 5 mg.
    5 mg. Omega-3 5 mg.
    1.67 mg. Omega-6 1.67 mg.
    80 IU Vitamin A 80 IU
    2 IU Vitamin E 2 IU

    For more information, please choose a PDF fact sheet below: **Glucosamine is a charged sugar molecule that is a key component of the extra cellular matrix of cartilage. It absorbs and releases water with each step, thereby acting as a shock absorber for the joints. With more glucosamine, there is more joint protection. It is the essential and principal ingredient that determines the quantity of proteoglycan (water-holding) molecules that are formed in the body. The proteoglycans are large, water-binding molecules made up of (both) proteins and sugars. These are a major building block of healthy, vital cartilage. glucosamine also stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAG's) which are important proteins found in cartilage. They serve to "bind" the water within the cartilage matrix, slowing the deterioration of your joints, and easing your pain.

    Syn-Flex (synflex) is a registered trademark of ActiveX America, Inc. (Copyright 2002); and, all graphic images, logo, name and text is used by permission.

    Syn-Flex for Pets Syn-Flex® for Pets
    We offer two varieties of Syn-Flex® for your pets-- Original Formula and our New 1500mg Beef formula.
    What Does Syn-flex® Do For Your Pet?
    Syn-Flex® is the most effective glucosamine product for pets on the market today. The majority of glucosamine products available today are in tablet or capsule form, which provides glucosamine as a powder. In powder form, glucosamine is not absorbed very well (about 11-20% is actually absorbed) which means it can often take 6-10 weeks for your pet to improve if they ever do.
    Syn-Flex® is in a high quality liquid formula, and has a 98% absorption rate. With the pharmaceutical grade glucosamine and eleven other beneficial ingredients, pet owners are able to notice a significant improvement much sooner.
    Syn-Flex® doesn't just stop your dog or cat's pain, it stops the disease by stimulating the production of proteoglycan and glycosaminoglycan molecules which renew the supply of synovial fluid within the cartilage matrix of the diseased joint(s), rehabilitating the cartilage and allowing your pet to move without pain.
    See all special promotional pricing... The high quality pharmaceutical grade liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL combine with twelve other ingredients in a formula designed to...
    • Effectively treat and prevent arthritis and hip dysplasia
    • Stop articular joint pain
    • Restore joint health
    • Stimulate the production of Synovial fluid
    • Rebuild and rehabilitate damaged cartilage
    • Prevent future deterioration of cartilage
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Improve mobility
    Why is Syn-Flex® Better?
    Glucosamine has been proven to effectively treat arthritis. However, most glucosamine products on the market today come in capsule or pill form. This means that the glucosamine in these products is delivered in powdered form, which is not absorbed very well. Syn-Flex®, on the other hand uses pharmaceutical grade liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL for a full 98% absorption rate, maximum bioavailability, and fastest relief.
    Even better, Syn-Flex® has no serious side effects (unlike Rimadyl® or Etogesic®.) Syn-Flex® binds to damaged cartilage and boosts cartilage metabolism, facilitating repair processes. At the same time, it blocks the action of destructive enzymes that promote joint inflammation, break down the synovial fluid, and attack the cartilage. Syn-Flex® stimulates the synovial membrane to manufacture new synovial fluid to replace the thin, degraded fluid of joint disease. By doing so, Syn-Flex® helps lubricate, nourish, and clean the cartilage.

    Syn-Flex Power + Plus For Fast Acting Pain Relief..
    The makers of Syn-Flex® are proud to introduce Syn-Flex® Power+Plus™! When you are seeking relief from nagging, persistent pain, nothing equals the all-out effectiveness of Syn-Flex® Power+Plus™.
    This easy-to-use "roll-on" pain reliever provides immediate and fast-acting relief for joint and muscle pain too. Combined with the use of Syn-Flex®, there is no finer combination of products to bring your arthritis pain under control!
    See all special promotional pricing... Special Offers!
    • Purchase 1 Power+Plus™ Roll-on and save $2.00 (save over 22%)
    • Purchase 3-Pack of Power+Plus™ and save $9.00 (save over 30%)
    • Purchase a 6-pack of either Syn-Flex® or Syn-Flex® 1500 and receive 1 FREE Syn-Flex® Power+Plus™ pain reliever!
    • Purchase a 12-pack of either Syn-Flex® or Syn-Flex® 1500 and receive 2 FREE Syn-Flex® Power+Plus™ pain relievers!

    See all special promotional pricing... Why is Positive Works the #1 source on the internet for Syn-Flex's line of glucosamine products? In a word, freshness! Walk into your local health or pet store and take a close look at their stock. Chances are you will find products that are close to expiration with several layers of dust.
    Here at Positive Works freshness is priority one! To ensure that you receive only the freshest stock we have taken the following steps: 1) We use a just-in-time inventory system which ensures that all our stock is no more than two weeks old. 2) By selling hundreds of bottles a week new inventory arrives on a daily basis. 3) All stock is kept in a climate controlled warehouse at a constant 77 degrees. 4) All orders ship via ultra fast, USPS Priority 2-3 day Air minimizing the chance of heat related damage. Compare this to UPS Ground which can take up to 7 days.
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